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Social contributions

We work hard on improving the cultivation of our products and to enrich our assortment with new varieties. Our primary goal is to offer and deliver to our customers the best starting material.
We operate our company with a social spirit, respecting people, animals and the environment. We all have to share the same resources of this world and we consider it very important to conserve whatever we can!

In order to give you an impression of our social contributions, we hereby give you the following examples:

  • Strong ride
  • Ride for the Roses
  • FC ’s-Gravenzande


The Strong ride is a bicycle race for raising money for the KWF (Queen Wihlelmina Foundation for Cancer Research). In the week prior to the Ride for the Roses, a group of people from Westland are cycling from a European capital back to the Netherlands.

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Ride for the roses

The purpose of the Ride for the Roses is raising money for a joint cycling tournament through KWF (the Dutch Cancer control organisation).

The Ride has become a household name in the Dutch cycling circles. The cycle tour is driven from start to finish by a large platoon of thousands of cyclists with an average speed of 28-30 km/h.

The success of the Ride for the Roses is a result of its unique formula. In a sporty, healthy and fun way, the tour raises funds against cancer. Along thousands of people, it provides a sporty performance. It is your way to contribute towards the fight against cancer. It is an excellent way to offer your donation in memory of someone dear to you who has died of cancer. It gives support to someone who is fighting against cancer or because you wish to extend your l

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